Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Desk in the office of therapist Franzi Corman, in Corvallis and Portland, Oregon. Corman specializes in relationship counseling, alcohol abuse and food and dieting issues.New brain studies indicate that there is a portion of our brain that gets hooked on things: love, relationships, alcohol, food. The effect is, interestingly, is quite the same no matter what the object is.

Our behaviors really are driven by what is going on in our brains. what I now know is that with understanding and awareness you can change the way you experience things, respond to things, and change your mind and your life.

I have been practicing since 1978 and have decades of experience with relationship counseling, helping people overcome alcohol abuse, and finding a more peaceful and productive way to a more meaningful life.

I work with people like you who need help and support in making lie changes. My office is in downtown Corvallis. Call me today for an appointment and to get started making the changes you want in your life. Your initial appointment is free of charge, so we can see if I am the right fit for you.